Car drives through front window of Glendale music store

Car drives through front window of Glendale music store

By Stephanie Graham. CREATED Mar 10, 2012

GLENDALE- It's been an interesting afternoon for employees at Brass Bell Music store in Glendale on Silver Spring Drive. A car plowed through the front window just before noon Saturday.

Employee Lauren Miller saw it happen. She says, "My co-worker Ashley and I we were just standing there talking, and I kind of heard a boom, so I looked up in the general area of the window, and I saw the woman drive through the window."

Witnesses say no one inside the store was hurt, and the female driver was shaken, but also uninjured.

The window and some pianos are damaged, but employee Chad Clausen says it could have been much worse. "That's normally, on a Saturday afternoon, with all the lessons and everything going on, there's always a bunch of kids or people shopping for pianos, sitting three playing the pianos, and that would have been tragic if that had been the case, and it was just a stroke of luck nobody was sitting there."

No word yet on the exact cause, but it appears the woman may have put the car into drive instead of reverse. Police were on the scene for a short time and filed a report.

The window is being repaired, and employees say it's business as usual, as the store remains open and music lessons continue.