Wisconsin judge delays ruling in voter ID lawsuit

Wisconsin judge delays ruling in voter ID lawsuit

By The Associated Press & WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 9, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 9, 2012

MADISON- A Wisconsin judge says he will decide on Monday whether to permanently block the state's voter identification law, according to TODAY'S TMJ4.

Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess' announcement at a hearing Friday comes days after a different judge in a separate case granted a temporary injunction to stop the law.

The League of Women Voters filed its lawsuit last October.  The group argues the law will disenfranchise voters and the legislature doesn't have the authority to pass such a law.  "We see clear language in the state constitution that makes this law unconstitutional.  We are hoping for a positive ruling," said Andrea Kaminsky of the League of Women Voters.

State attorneys say the lawsuit has no legal standing.

The law was in effect for the February election despite numerous lawsuits challenging it.  The state Department of Justice has said it plans to appeal Tuesday's ruling in another lawsuit temporarily stopping the law from being in place for the April 3 presidential primary.

The Government Accountability Board will follow the initial injunction, but Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says he will file an appeal to put voter ID back on the books before the election.

"We can communicate to the clerks pretty quickly what's going out, because we have a website and we say you should be checking this daily," said Kevin Kennedy of the GAB.