Robo calls that do not stop

Robo calls that do not stop

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Mar 10, 2012

MILWAUKEE - Are you tired of getting robo calls like the ones that are coming from Rachel at card holder services?

Although you may not be able to get them to stop completely, there may be a few things that you can do to lessen the frequency and frustration from receiving multiple calls per day or week.

• Two of the best tools for dealing with these calls are caller ID and an answering machine.

These tools will allow you to screen these calls before you pick up.

• If you pick up the call and hear that it is the same robo call that you have been getting repeatedly, avoid pushing any buttons and hang up.

The more that you participate in picking up the phone or pushing buttons, the more likely it may be that these calls will become more frequent and persistant.

• Also avoid providing any personal information such as account, banking, or social security numbers.

• Although you may be able to get assistance from your phone company to block the number from calling your phone, keep in mind, many of these calls involve "spoofing" - a tactic used to trick you into believing a legitimate number is calling you.

Many of these robo calls utilize several numbers, making it almost impossible to block every number from calling you.

You can also file a complaint with consumer agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Your complaint could help these agencies to take legal action against these nuisance calls in the future.