Health dangers surrounding heavy snowfall

Health dangers surrounding heavy snowfall

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 2, 2012

MILWAUKEE- This March storm was long overdue, and the wet, heavy snow can be dangerous for your health.

The snow is going to hit at rush hour, just be cautious to take your time to avoid accidents during the snowfalls

Doctors see the same injuries every year after a snowfall.  They're reminding people to be careful.  The emergency room staff at St. Luke's Hospital is preparing for the worst.  St. Luke's ER is preparing for patients with chest, back and muscle pains -- the result of shoveling heavy wet snow.

St. Luke's ER staff says there's always a handful of snowblower injuries -- after people trying to unclog a machine before shutting it off.

Doctors are settling in for a busy night and recommend that anyone with a history of heart disease should avoid shoveling altogether.