Jeffrey Dahmer tours creating outrage in Milwaukee


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Jeffrey Dahmer tours creating outrage in Milwaukee

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Feb 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 29, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A lot of folks are livid over a Groupon offer for a tour of Jeffrey Dahmer's killing grounds.  Emails, Facebook posts, and people in this notorious neighborhood say it goes too far.

It's literally a tour of terror.  The popular website was offering Dahmer tours at a discount.  But the idea isn't popular with people who live in Dahmer's neighborhood -- and remember those devastating days.

The website says the tour grants a spine-chilling glimpse into the life of Jeffrey Dahmer from within his hunting grounds. 

The tour has social media in a frenzy.  "I don't think it's good to tour a place where this man had terrorized people" said Gary Ramsey. 

"We're trying to forget it, but the loved ones aren't going to forget about that as soon as they hear something about that, they're going to react to it," said Johnny Hicks.

Jackie Barutha wrote to TODAY'S TMJ4 on Facebook saying: "this company should be shut down, making money off such a horrific crime is so distasteful."

Amanda morden is the organizer of the event and told TODAY'S TMJ4, "I think it's informational."

She admits it's a sensitive subject, but one that can be looked at as a education, even if it's not how people picture it.  "We're providing information, much like if you would pick up a book or watch a documdentary, it's just in a different format than i guess people are used to."

Because of all of this, Groupon has pulled it's affiliation with the event, though Morden said the event has not been cancelled.