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Washington County deputies use stun guns twice on teenager

Washington County deputies use stun guns twice on teenager

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Feb 29, 2012

WEST BEND - The Washington County Sheriff's department said Wednesday it had to twice fire stun guns in attempting to subdue an 18-year-old man it determined to be "uncontrollable."

The incident happened at about 9:10 a.m. Monday morning at the Acute Care Services office of the Washington County Public Agency Center on East Washington Street in West Bend.

According to the sheriff's department, workers there told the Sheriff's Department that the man was there and needed to be placed in custody because of "his mental state."

Authorities say deputies had gone to his home Sunday night when family members were fearing "for their physical safety."  He apparently had not been taking what was called "necessary medication."

Deputies took him to his father's home.

When they arrived at the ACS building Monday, deputies found the teenager "causing a disturbance," but not threatening physical violence.

After more deputies and a lieutenant came to the scene, the teenager reportedly tried to leave the room.

Deputies attempted to restrain and handcuff the man, but he still allegedly struggled to break away.

Sheriff's officials say that after a deputy warned him that they would use a stun gun on him, the teenager continued to try to resist.

At that point, the deputy reportedly first used a stun gun, which did not reach him.

According to authorities, the man then went into a conference room and took what they described as a "fighting stance."

Deputies then demanded that he lie on the floor, but he did not follow through on their request.

That's when, authorities say, they used a second stun gun on him, which eventually stopped the teenager.

They then took him into custody.

According to the Sheriff's department, no one was arrested.