Family, neighbors rally to Laurenzi's defense

Family, neighbors rally to Laurenzi's defense

By The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 26, 2012

KENOSHA - He's become the center of Ryan Braun's controversial drug test, but those who know Dino Laurenzi, Jr. say there's no way he acted maliciously. 

Laurenzi is the veteran collector from Pleasant Prairie who took Braun's urine sample in October  but didn't deliver it to a FedEx location until 44 hours later.

Braun called the collector's actions suspicious during his press conference Friday, but Laurenzi's neighbor says he doesn't buy those allegations for a second.

"Our neighbors would never do anything to taint anything," said Doug Michelson.  "They're not nefarrious people, they are straight All-American people."

His father, Dino Laurenzi, Sr., told the Washington Post his son has gone to Spring Training and that any accusations "would be unfounded."

Laurenzi's father also told the Post that his son is a "straight shooter" and has "never been in trouble."