Ryan Braun's Graffito thrilled with Braun suspension overturned

Ryan Braun's Graffito thrilled with Braun suspension overturned

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 24, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Ryan Braun's success has earned him endorsement deals worth big bucks.

At Ryan Braun's restaurant, the talk is about how the MVP was cleared.  But one question still out there, is whether this whole ordeal has tarnished the brand.

If you walk into Graffito Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee -- it's clear you are in Brewer and Braun land.

Omar Shaikh is the restaurant's co-owner and a close friend of Braun.  He said the past four months did not help the Braun brand. 

"It really hasn't hurt business," said Shaikh.  "We didn't talk too much about that, but of course he was being falsely accused of something you didn't do can definitely affect your brand, yeah."

Shaikh is optimistic Braun can rise above all the controversy.  "It was eating him up inside when you're innocent and you're falsely accused and you can't tell your side of the story for four months... Of course it was killing him. It shows how much class he has that he still got the high road today." said Shaikh.

It appears Braun's brand is pretty solid locally.  "I think in the long run this will be just a minor bump in the road for him," said Braun-supporter David Wincell.

But his endorsements stretches beyond the Brew city.  In the past, Braun has endorsed: AirTran, Nike and Muscle Milk.  Shaikh said Braun is focused on moving forward.

"We both had faith and belief the right decision was going to be made," said Shaikh.

Only time will tell if the Ryan Braun brand can rise above all the controversy.