Endocrinology expert talks about possible affects to Braun's sample

Ryan Braun. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Endocrinology expert talks about possible affects to Braun's sample

By Matt Montgomery. CREATED Feb 24, 2012

MILWAUKEE- There are questions raised about what could happen to Ryan Braun's urine sample that allegedly took 44 hours to get to a FedEx and shipped to a testing facility in Montreal.

Dr. David W Toth, MD, FACE is a male with 11 years of medical experience and practices in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism.  Dr. Toth talked to Wisconsin's Afternoon News about what could possibly happen to a sealed, urine test over those 44 hours.

Dr. Toth was asked if a sample could be affected, in this case by sitting in a courier's refrigerator, and he said, "absolutely."

Dr. Toth went on to say that specimens can degrade over time, be affected by temperature changes and affected by bacteria if they aren't stored properly.  Dr. Toth said even fingertips touching the sample can cause bacteria -- which can breakdown the specimen.

He was asked if there would have to be some man-made testosterone in that sample, since.  "Absolutely would have been man made testosterone in there," said Dr. Toth.  He says there are at least 10-12 different man made testosterones that can be used for synthetic doping.

John Mercure of Wisconsin's Afternoon News asked about the likelihood of a sample that was 3-4 times higher, in terms of testosterone, than any sample the lab had ever seen that it came entirely from Ryan Braun's body.

Dr. Toth reports that testing for synthetic testosterone is very accurate.  In order for there to have that much synthetic testosterone, anyone would have had to taken synthetic testosterone in 6-12 weeks before for that test.

Dr. Toth said he had hard time buying the fact that a sample, all of a sudden test that high, unless Braun had somehow taken synthetic steroids closer to the playoffs, but not during the season at all.