Brewers fans react to Braun not being suspended

Brewers fans react to Braun not being suspended

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Feb 23, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Smart phones were a fan's best friend Thursday as they checked for updates on whether Ryan Braun's appeal would pull through.

It's a tradition for Paul Killion and his family to line-up outside Miller Park to buy tickets.  Braun is his guy, and he's not buying that Braun just got off on a technicality.

"It's amazing. Milwaukee needed it. The team needed it," said Killion.  "Life is full of technicalities. However he got off of it, good for him."

And good for the Brewers family.  "I think every family has issues and I think we deal with it and move on as long as there's something positive coming out of it then I think we're OK," said Brewers fan Amanda Picord.

The news is a reason to keep the faith for Brewers fan Tony Ramos.  "Opening Day, everybody was going there -- losing Fielder, looking forward to seeing our MVP (Braun) out there and giving us whatever hope we have left."

Hope that some fans say they never lost.  "We backed him all the time, we love you Brauny," said fan Paul Killion.