Audio recordings released from Supervisor Thomas sting operation

Audio recordings released from Supervisor Thomas sting operation

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Feb 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 20, 2012

MILWAUKEE- For the first time we get to hear audio recordings of Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny Thomas at the Dunkin Donuts where he met with county department head Pat Farley.

Three witnesses testified Monday, arguing that Supervisor Thomas accepted a bribe to put a bid for a county contract on his finance committee's agenda.

In the audio recording Thomas said, "So what are they proposing to get it on the agenda?"  Farley responds, "Well, I mean…You know…They're….ah….The managing partners are from Cook County….ah…ah…They are, you know, real interested in being supportive."

Farley, the man who wore the wire, testified about his meetings with Thomas.  "That he was looking for campaign donations," Farley said.

Farley testified that after the meeting at Dunkin Donuts, Thomas made sure no one else knew about their arrangement.  "He looked at me and say hey, this is just between us, right?" Farley said.

Two investigators for the district attorney's office also testified.  "I observed Mr. Farley  hand a manila envelope of letter size, approximately.  He kind of slid it across the table to Supervisor Thomas picked it up," said Paul Bratonja of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office.

Thomas' attorney argued that Thomas never asked for the money.  Defense attorney Craig Mastantuono asked D.A. investigator Aaron Weis, "He never admitted to you that he took a bribe, did he?   He never said I moved the contract because I got paid for it?"

Weis responded, "No, he did not make that linkage."  Thomas' attorney says they will contest the charges.  Thomas will be back in court next month.