Catholics reflect on Timothy Dolan's time in Milwaukee

Catholics reflect on Timothy Dolan's time in Milwaukee

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 17, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 17, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Catholics are excited about the soon-to-be cardinal Timothy Dolan.  Many celebrated the same way the Archbishop did when he was here.

Archbishop Dolan is from St. Louis -- and now lives in New York, but part of him will always belong to Catholics in Milwaukee.

It's the kind of place Archbishop Dolan was always comfortable -- a corner tavern like Fritz's on Milwaukee's south side, for a fish fry.

When Dolan talked of his time in Milwaukee, it's about the warm people -- and the hot fish.

According to Dolan, "Listen to the people and especially be with them.  You can't miss out on that. I'm already looking at the fish fry I'm going to tonight!"

The Irish archbishop loved to stop at a Polish restaurants, and partake in a tradition started by Germans.

Barb Kaprelian ran into Dolan at the Polonaise.

"I said pardon me, I hate to disturb you, but I had to say hi.  And he was so humble and said it was my pleasure, my privilege to meet you.  And I thought wow," remembered Kaprelian.

It was his ability to charm people -- just like that -- that helped Dolan earn a place as one of the princes of the Catholic Church.

And he's not ashamed to say some of his larger aspects -- were developed in restaurants.

He is clearly a man proud to say he was made -- at least partially -- in Milwaukee.