Frontier Airlines employees sharing concerns over impending layoffs

Frontier Airlines employees sharing concerns over impending layoffs

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 14, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Frontier employees are speaking out about the announcement that the airline plans to cut 446 Milwaukee area employees as part of a major service reduction, according to a statement issued by Republic Airways.

Rich Bonk knows what a layoff feels like.  A few years back, he lost his job.  Now, hundreds of his fellow Frontier Airlines friends are faced with nearly 450 layoffs.  Bonk was asked to scale back his hours.

Many of these workers, 230 of them, will be relocated.  Others will be shown the door for good.  TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke to quite a few of them Tuesday.  They didn't want to go on camera for fear of retaliation, but they say they're concerned about the road ahead.

One employee said, "We all have lives.  Families we need to take care of.  Now, we're out and we need to look for new jobs."

Pilot's Union President Craig Moffett represents about 132 of the affected employees.  He maintains the outlook for Milwaukee is grim, unless Frontier Airlines can turn things around.  "The mood right now, quite honestly, is the worst it's ever been," said Moffett  

While city and county leaders work to assess the damage, workers like Rich Bonk are worried more cuts are coming.  "To me, it doesn't look good.  How so?  I could be one of the next people gone," said Bonk.

Frontier Airlines maintains the number of jobs cut is around 165 and 180 after moving jobs and titles around to different functions and different cities.  Frontier's parent company, Republic Airways Holdings, is looking for a buyer for the fledgling airline.