Packers fan out $12k after marketing group never delivered road trip

Packers fan out $12k after marketing group never delivered road trip

By Rob Koebel and the WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 6, 2012

MILWAUKEE - It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime: traveling with the Packers on game day.

Now, one Packers fan is out $12,000, and she's wondering if that dream trip will ever become a reality.

Michelle Maciosek bought the trip at a charity auction. 

For that $12,000, she was supposed to jump on the team plane, travel to an away game, eat dinner with the team, stay at their hotel, and hang out on the field before and after the game.

But the Packers' season has come and gone, and unfortunately this Packers fan hasn't gone anywhere with the team.

Now she wants to know if her purchase is legitimate or just a broken promise?

"This came up and I said WOW!" said Maciosek, a die hard Packers fan.

So naturally, she jumped at the chance to attend the Greg Jennings Celebrity Golf Tournament last June.

She rubbed elbows with some of the players, like star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

She says, more importantly, the money raised from this auction goes to a good cause, helping fund children's education in Michigan and Wisconsin.

"The Jennings Foundation have been great through this whole thing," said Maciosek.

At the auction, Maciosek placed the winning bid for a trip to go on the road with the Packers.

"This is a chance of a lifetime. These guys just won the Super Bowl. This is awesome," explained Maciosek.

The Jennings Foundation used Elite Sports and Public Relations to run the auction and provide the auction items. 

When it came time to plan a date for the trip, Maciosek had to contact Elite Sports.

"Nobody knew much about the package. I was told they would get back to me," said Maciosek.
Maciosek says phone calls were exchanged, but still no dates.

"I kept asking what date, what date, what date and never got a date."

That brought the TODAY'S TMJ4 I-Team here to the front door of the founder of Elite Sports, Stacy Jenson.

Her clients include a number of current and former Packers players.

We had no luck finding her at home, so the I-Team found Deb Schmitz, the company's co-founder.

Rob Koebel: "Can we ask you some questions? Hey Deb? I have some questions about the charity?"

She drove away from Koebel without answering.

The I-Team continued to reach out to Elite, through phone calls, texts and e-mails.

Jenson's attorney responded, saying Maciosek didn't give Elite Sports enough notice.

However, a copy of the e-mail Maciosek sent Elite Sports just four days after she won the auction - June 14th - said she asked to travel with the Packers to San Diego, to see her team play the Chargers.

That game wasn't until November 6 -  155 days notice. 

An e-mail from Jenson to Maciosek said she would try to get her that game.

It's dated July 28th.

Jenson said if she couldn't get Maciosek that game, she would get her the dates of two other games she could go to.

She promised to do that no later than August, and added that if those dates didn't work she would refund her $12,000.
In his statement, Jenson's lawyer, Dennis Regan says "No arrangements could be discussed until the second week of august on account of the uncertainty related to the NFL lockout."

Regan also tells the I-Team the San Diego game was the one game they could not send her to, as the sponsor wasn't available.

Jenson's statement claims they tried to help Maciosek out by giving her different dates to choose from, but Maciosek says that's not true.
"They just told me that I need to accept this and I should take a game next year, and they would give me a dinner with one of the Packer's in my home," said Maciosek.

By October, after repeated e-mails and phone calls that Maciosek says went unanswered, Maciosek asked for her money back  and says surprisingly, after asking for a refund, Stacy did get back to her and agreed to reimburse her. That was back in July.

"Give me my money back," asks Maciosek.

By December, Maciosek still did not have her $12,000 back.

So she tried one last time and asked to see the Packers play the Chiefs on the 18th.

Maciosek admits it was short notice and she asked to go just two days before the game, but she was desperate.

"I said we would go to Kansas City and I never heard a thing."

Jenson's statement from her attorney says that again, there was not enough notice.

Her attorney refused to go on camera with the I-Team, but added that Elite Sports has offered to extend the travel package into the 2012 season and gave her a list of eight games to pick from.

"I want my package.  I want the legitimacy of my package.  I want to travel with the Packers.  I think that is awesome," said Maciosek.

Maciosek is still skeptical whether she will be able to go on the road with the Packers next season, which is why she contacted the I-Team.

We are going to continue working with Michelle and Elite Sports and follow this story.

Since the auction, the Jennings Foundation says it has severed all ties with Stacy Jenson and her company, Elite Sports and Public Relations.