Governor Walker speaks about meeting with Milwaukee Co. District Attorney

Governor Walker speaks about meeting with Milwaukee Co. District Attorney

By Keller Russell. CREATED Feb 4, 2012

HARTFORD - Governor Scott Walker entertained questions a day after he announced he'd meet with prosecutors in a John Doe investigation into his current and former aides.

But, he's giving few details.

Walker released a statement Friday saying he was doing so to be cooperative and assist the district attorney in any way he could.

When asked what he expects from the conversation with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, Walker had this to say:

"Well, our campaign has for more than a year now cooperated, in fact, given them literally tens of thousands of emails. I imagine this would be the same."

The governor maintains he volunteered to meet with Chisholm about the case.

The D.A.'s office wouldn't comment.


TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Keller Russell asked the Governor if had had been told that he'd be subpoenaed if he hadn't volunteered to meet. Walker replied: "I hadn't had any personal communication beyond that. So that's one where we offered, we offered in the past, as the statement said and we'll follow the lead of those looking into it."

When asked when that meeting would be, Walker wouldn't say but deferred to the D.A.

"They have very strict requirements as to what can be revealed and in order for us to continue to cooperate with them, we have to to follow that."
So far, the investigation's led to charges against four former Walker staffers -- two for doing campaign work on county time, two others for embezzling from veterans and their families. 

"If those charges are accurate, it would be very frustrating. There are thousands of people who have worked for me. The vast majority have had high standards," said Walker.

The governor reiterated he is confident when all is said and done, his integrity will be in tact.

Last week, the governor told reporters he didn't believe he was the target of the investigation. When asked if his feelings had changed, Walker said, "Nope. No I don't see anything that would make me believe that." The governor has hired legal counsel. He says no taxpayer money was or will be used to pay for their work.

"We voluntarily offered to set this up. It's something where we wanted to follow their lead, certainly there's a procedure to that and we're going to follow the lead from their office on that," said Walker.