No decision made on possible charges against Aldi's customer

No decision made on possible charges against Aldi's customer

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 2, 2012

MILWAUKEE- The man who shot at a robber at an Aldi's grocery store on Milwaukee's north side met with the district attorney Thursday.

TODAY'S TMJ4 is still waiting to hear if he will face charges or get a citation for his actions Monday night.

The customer who fired at two robbers covered his face as he met with district attorney about what played out in the Aldi store.

Was it self-defense or a criminal act?  Two questions the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office must examine.

Defense attorney Bridget Boyle doesn't represent the customer, but explains the man's rights.  "Obviously there's a claim of self defense in this manner," said Boyle.  "He has to meet with the da's office."

That customer was refusing to answer questions as he left the courthouse.  The 36-year-old pulled out his gun, fired and hit one of two suspects during an armed robbery Monday night at the Aldi at N. 76th Street and W. Villard Ave.

The problem: he also violated the law because the store has signs posted prohibiting concealed carry.

"He still broke the law," said Boyle.  "But sometimes the law has to be...I guess movable and we say do we need to charge this person to set an example for the community?  That's not my call that's the da's call."

The district attorney's office did not make a decision Thursday on this matter.