Customer worried about both sides of law after breaking up robbery

Customer worried about both sides of law after breaking up robbery

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Feb 1, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 1, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A customer that stopped a robbery on Milwaukee's north side now says he's afraid of people on both sides of the law.

A 36 year-old customer who shot at two robbery suspects at Aldi's grocery store on Monday is concerned about retaliation from friends of the robbery suspects.

The customer, who doesn't want to be identified, has raised concerns about his safety as the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office decides whether he broke the law.

TODAY'S TMJ4 states the 18 and 19-year-old robbers who walked in with shotguns are behind bars at the moment.  But the 36-year-old customer who pulled out his gun and shot at the crooks, hitting one could also end there up.

Nik Clark, chairman of Wisconsin Carry, says the customer has reached out to the gun rights advocacy group.  "I'd be concern for any citizen in this situation that they might face charges," said Clark.  "He has contacted the organization."
Clark refused to go into details about their conversation, but he informs TODAY'S TMJ4 the man who is concerned he could become a target , was not trying to violate Aldi's no guns policy.

The district attorney's office says they have not met with the customer who has a valid concealed carry permit.

Assistant DA Kent Lovern says his office will examine whether this customer used his gun properly, meaning, did he fire out of fear or was there imminent danger to himself or others around.