Muskego mayor excited about lake park project moving forward

Muskego mayor excited about lake park project moving forward

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jan 24, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 25, 2012

MUSKEGO - The mayor of Muskego says she is very excited about a project moving forward which would remove two mansions and create a park along Little Muskego Lake.

She also claims that despite objections from people who live in the city, there is no conflict of interest involving the developer of the project, who owns one of the homes.

"He has some plans to do another development," Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti told TODAY'S TMJ4's Nick Montes on Wednesday  "Some garden homes along the lake, maybe some commercial type towards the road, but that's his private property.  We have nothing to do with that."

The Muskego council voted 4-3 to move forward with Little Muskego Lake Park project.

Homeowners and politicians met over the park went well into Tuesday night. 

Controversy over a plan to build a park, but it's not the park people are upset about, but the process.

Homeowners pressed on into the night, discussing plans that could change Muskego and cost millions of dollars.

A heated debate in a packed house as hundreds of people standing for and against plans for a park along Little Muskego Lake.

City officials are considering a plan to buy mansions and nearly five acres of land to the tune of $3.6 million 

Chiaverotti told TODAY'S TMJ4's Cody Holyoke it's all about bringing business to town.

"That's what makes us who we are is our lake.. but if you drive anywhere in our community, you can't see a lake," said Mayor Chiaverotti.

While a few taxpayers agree, others are concerned the price tag doesn't show the whole picture.

Homeowners are also worried one of the developers involved owns one of the homes for sale

Though city leaders are interested, many residents are pushing for patience.

Chiaverotti said that the city needs to take surveys from people who live there, so they can find out what should go in the park.