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Report: Badgers employee grabbed, threatened to fire subordinate at Rose Bowl party

Report: Badgers employee grabbed, threatened to fire subordinate at Rose Bowl party

By Matt Montgomery and Annie Scholz. CREATED Jan 24, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 24, 2012

To read the Rose Bowl incident report, click on it under Related Documents.

MADISON - The Rose Bowl incident report involving a former UW-Madison employee allegedly sexually assaulting a subordinate has been released.

In the report, former Associate Athletic Director John Chadima threw a party for the staff and student employees who worked "behind the scenes" in support of the football team.

The party started on December 30 around 7:30 p.m. and went into the morning of December 31.  Alcohol, beer and mixers were served and witnesses that spoke to a four-person review panel said there were around 25-30 people in Chadima's suite in the J.W. Marriott hotel in Los Angeles.

The victim, described as John Doe, reports that around 1:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. around 6-7 people were left at the party and were all set to leave together.  The victim was going to leave with that group, but claims Chadima called him back to "Stay here and have a drink with me."

The victim said he had known Chadima for several years as "nice guy" so he didn't suspect anything wrong. 

After a few drinks, the victim claims Chadima asked if he was gay and that other student employees thought he was gay.  The victim claims he was uncomfortable and wasn't sure what Chadima meant.  Then he claims Chadima reached over and removed the victim's pants and then inserted his hand inside the victim's pants on his genitals.

The John Doe then claims he slapped Chadima's hand away and swore at him.

Then he reports Chadima said, "I thought you liked it" and "What are you going to do about it?" and "I could have you fired."

The John Doe claims he then informed Chadima's superior and another person shortly after the incident.

Chadima resigned from the associate athletic director position from UW-Madison on Thursday, January 19th.

Interim Chancellor David Ward issued a statement regarding the completion and release of the report of Judge Patrick Fiedler's independent review team on allegations of misconduct by senior associate athletic director John Chadima.

"After learning of an allegation of misconduct involving Mr. Chadima, the university placed him on administrative leave and he subsequently submitted his resignation," said Ward.  "In addition, we initiated the independent review of the matter, the results of which are being made public today (Tuesday)."

Chadima apologized in a statement, saying in part, "I deeply regret leaving under these circumstances...I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions."  Chadima didn't specify what those circumstances or actions were.

UW Madison junior Jacob Toll is very aware of the talk around campus about former associate athletic director John Chadima.  "It goes around, I mean something like that is going to get out," said Toll.

"Resigning and stepping down and not putting the students and the staff in the situation of having to make a call like that, I think it's great.  The fact that something like that could have happened I think is awful," said UW sophomore Danielle D'Silva.

"I know now a days a lot of reports come out and it's just attacking, attacking if they're fair about it, then I'll be happy," said Toll.