Source: Chadima inappropriately touched subordinate on Rose Bowl trip

Source: Chadima inappropriately touched subordinate on Rose Bowl trip

By WTMJ News Team & WKOW. CREATED Jan 24, 2012

MADISON- Former UW athletics official John Chadima was involved in an incident of inappropriate touching, plus heavy drinking, at a Rose Bowl-related party.

What was the relationship between chadima and this person?

A source told WKOW in Madison, that Chadima's victim was a male subordinate.  An independent panel led by a former Dane County judge completed its review of what happened Monday.

By law, university officials must give Chadima a chance to go to court to try to stop any release of information.

WKOW previously reported that Chadima was intoxicated at a party,  possibly at the hotel used as headquarters by UW officials during the Badger football team's Rose Bowl visit to southern California.

That source claims that Chadima touched the male subordinate indecently, referring to what chadima did as, grabbing his crotch.

The incident was reported to UW officials.

The team lost in the Rose Bowl game, the university contingent returned home, and Chadima resigned his job worth $129,000.

There's no record of any report of Chadima's actions being made to police or other law enforcement in southern California.

In a statement, Chadima apologized, but never stated what his actions were, and he's returned no calls.  Chadima's attorney says no decision has been made, on whether to try to stop the release of the panel's report.