Barrett, Barca unsure if they will enter recall race against Gov. Walker

Barrett, Barca unsure if they will enter recall race against Gov. Walker

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Jan 23, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 23, 2012

WEST ALLIS- A pizza party in Monday evening was a hot spot for Democratic politics.  But it was a Republican that was a hot topic, Governor Scott Walker, and getting him out of office. 

Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk made her pitch for why she's the person for the job.  "It is not making us better, he is making our state worse and that's why a million people signed a petition saying we can do better," said Falk.

But a recent opinion poll puts her behind Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who hasn't even declared his candidacy.  "I think you always like to be in a position like that.  Again, right now I'm focusing on running for mayor."

But when TODAY'S TMJ4 asked him for a name he'd like to see on the ballot, he wouldn't commit to just one, or any for that matter.  "Again I have every confidence in the world there's going to be a strong candidate," said Barrett.

Also keeping coy about a potential run, Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca.  "Obviously there's a lot of very strong potential candidates and we're sort of analyzing whether there's going to be a primary or whether somebody will emerge," said Barca.

A wait-and-see for possible candidates, and constituents.

When pressed a little harder for a timeline on when Mayor Barrett might make an announcement, he said there isn't one, but he hasn't fully ruled it out, or in.