Lt. Gov. Kleefisch on how recall affects professional, personal life

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch on how recall affects professional, personal life

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jan 18, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 18, 2012

MADISON- The governor and lieutenant governor are preparing for a recall.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is making a bold prediction about a possible recall election and those attending a pro-Walker rally at Hart Park on Saturday hope she's right.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch balances her life these days between playing flash cards with her young girls and making fundraising calls at home for a possible recall election.  She tries to keep the two separate.
"In the mom part of my life, it really doesn't play a role at all," said Kleefisch.  "My kids are aware of it...they are aware there are some people who have a difference of opinions."

While Kleefisch and Governor Walker wait for the signatures to be verified, they're not convinced the votes are there to kick them out of office.

Walker claims if he had broken his promises to balance the budget, voters would have a right to be upset.

For now, the campaign has some doubts about the recall signatures.

"We want to make sure this process has a good deal of integrity.  But if we go back on the ballot, if that is the process we have to go through again, then we will win," said Governor Walker.

If there is a recall election, the governor and lieutenant governor's names for either party will not appear together as a team.  Voters will have to chose each one separately.