National pollsters weigh in on possible recall election

National pollsters weigh in on possible recall election

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jan 18, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Both sides of the political spectrum seem very passionate, and anxious to get to the polls.

They report there was a full house at the luncheon at the Wisconsin Club Wednesday morning.

Two top national pollsters gave the audience their take on how people are feeling about a possible recall election.

Pollster Gene Ulm says Republicans will fight to keep their candidates in office.  "Republicans cannot be more enthusiastic.  The most dangerous place you ever want to be right now is between a Republican and the polling booth.  You'll get ran over," said Ulm.

Democratic pollster Paul Maslin is working with the Kathleen Falk campaign.  He says many Democrats are fed up with Governor Walker's policies, and just don't trust him.

Both pollsters say they expect the recall election to be very close, and will probably come down to which side is more enthusiastic.