Democrats turning in recall signatures Tuesday

Democrats turning in recall signatures Tuesday

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jan 16, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Monday is likely one of the few days TODAY'S TMJ4 found a recall office dark as petitioners prepare to hand over their signatures, there's new contention about when those elections could happen.

Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered, Democrats confident they have enough petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker.  Governor Walker's optimistic that won't happen.

"I earned the trust of the majority the last time to serve as governor. My hope is I'll earn the trust again," said Walker.

Democrats will turn in their signatures Tuesday.

But there's controversy over just when those recall elections could be held the Government Accountability Board would like all the elections held on one day.  Not everybody likes that idea.

Representative Christine Sinicki understands counting signatures for the governor's recall will take more time, but, she argues a delay in the other recall elections violates the current law.  "If they have the signatures, that means the people in those districts want a recall and we need to follow the people of the wishes of the district," said Sinicki.  "We do have a statute on this that says once the papers are turned in, GAB has 31 days in which to call the election."

The Journal Sentinel is reporting some Republicans also don't like the GAB's proposal, but Republicans TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with Monday say it's a waste of money to have multiple election days.

"Of course all the recall elections ought to be done at the same time. Already these elections are going to cost the taxpayer 9 million dollars unnecessarily," said state Senator Glenn Grothman. 

The state's Republican party has echoed senator Grothman's comments.