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Sheboygan mayoral candidates making last push

Sheboygan mayoral candidates making last push

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Jan 15, 2012

SHEBOYGAN - The last push for votes is on.

Sheboygan’s mayoral recall election, set for Tuesday, boasts eight contenders—including Mayor Bob Ryan.

The cluttered field of candidates means every vote is critical come Election Day.

Developer Randy Schwoerer spent Sunday greeting members of a Sheboygan church, knowing full well the importance of every handshake and conversation.

"The response overall has been positive, and it's been positive to the change," Schwoerer said.

The odds of a full win for any candidate are slim in this historic recall election. Mayor Bob Ryan wants to keep his job. Seven others want to take it away.

A majority vote is nearly impossible, and candidates had only a month to gain momentum.

"I am very hopeful about that, but my husband is a statistician, and he reminded me of the statistical curve," explained candidate Roberta Filicky-Peneski.

It’s a campaign challenge for mayoral contenders. Alderman Jean Kittelson took to street corners with signs, hoping the exposure puts her over the top.

"I think it's time.  Time for some calmness to come back to the city. And let's get back to work," Kittelson exclaimed.

Voters, fatigued by months of negative stories surrounding Sheboygan, have a lot to decide in the coming days.

"I have been looking at it. With eight candidates, you have to do your research, so I'm undecided as of yet,” said voter Josh Eldridge.

If no clear winner emerges in Tuesday's election, the top two candidates will be back on the ballot in February. The winner will complete Mayor Bob Ryan’s term in office, which expires in April of 2013.