Veterans disgusted by charges in John Doe investigation

Veterans disgusted by charges in John Doe investigation

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Jan 5, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 5, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Veterans react to John Doe investigation development.

Veteran Joe Campbell is reacting to word that two people in the John Doe investigation face charges for stealing money meant to help veterans.  "Personally it's not only sad, it's disgusting," said Campbell.  "To me it's more than money.  It's our dignity our reputation."

Campbell served in Vietnam and Germany and he's been voted Veteran of the Year locally and at the state level, and works with numerous veterans groups.

Judge Mark Gundrum, a former state representative from New Berlin, famously donated thousands of dollars of his salary to the cause.  He declined an on camera interview, but had this statement -- "My wife and I are just saddened that at least a portion of the money we donated to aid veterans wounded in war appears as if it may never have been used for that purpose."

Campbell fears that kind of generosity, that he says has been so strong in the community, may start to slide.  "I hope the people of our community don't forget the wonderful veterans who put their lives on the line whether we liked what the cause was or disliked the cause they served our country willingly and that dignity needs to be restored."

Campbell made it very clear that for him, this isn't about politics, it's about justice, and he hopes that it's served.