Behind the scenes at Lambeau Field

Behind the scenes at Lambeau Field

By Rob Koebel. CREATED Dec 19, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 19, 2011

GREEN BAY- Packer fans this is a story for you! A special behind the scenes look from Lambeau Field and what it takes each week to bring the Packer games to fans over the radio. Reporter Rob Koebel taking us inside.

"The Packers getting set to do battle with the Raiders here at Lambeau Field in Greenbay."

Inside Room 7032 high above Lambeau Field Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren bring the action on the grid iron to Packer fans listening to the game.

Wayne Larrivee:  "Hand off to Orton - pick his way left side, breaks through he is to the 45, 40, left side he is going all the way high stepping - TOUCH DOWN! 47 Yards!!"

The broadcast team makes the job look easy. But what very few ever get to see is the hours and hours of prep work getting ready for game day - all the way up until the last minute.

"Ok, I don't have an idea yet who we have for the interview segment we have a couple of thoughts but nothing confirmed yet," said Larrivee. "There is a lot of motion once you get to the stadium but there is an exciting buzz inside this stadium every Sunday".

The seats are empty when they arrive and begin preparing for the game. Out on the 50-yard-line with temp's in the mid 30's, a Raiders player basks in the Wisconsin sun before the game - with no shirt, shorts and his flip flops.

Wayne Larrivee:
  "All and all for mid December Rock ,a great day for football."
Larry McCarren: "No, when you consider what it could be today!!!  It could be out right ugly."

After a quick pre-game show  -- Larrivee and McCarren get a chance to catch their breath before the kick off.

Rob Koebel: "And you are part of history - this is a historic run right now…"
Wayne Larrivee:  "Yea, it really is when you think about it and if it continues it becomes even more historic."
Larry McCarren:  "It's not normal you don't win like this as we sit here this unbeaten season at this point 18 wins in a row that just doesn't happen."

After a quick break - Larrivee is back on the move.  A trip down the elevator and onto a catwalk used by members of the press.

"This is kind of neat because you get a feel for the stadium the way it used to be before all the renovations," said Larrivee.

The long cat walk takes us back into another stairwell - which leads us down to a long tunnel and eventually to the action on the field.

Rob Koebel:  "The crew has a great vantage point to see all the plays but ultimately they still like to get right down here on the field before the game to find out what it's like."
Wayne Larrivee:  "What I like to do is kind of check the condition of the field. Here today in mid December this is in great shape."

As fans settle into their seats and players warm up on the field - Larrivee admits even after all these years of covering the team he still gets a thrill walking the field before the games.

 "There's so much that happened here right over there in that end zone is where Bart Starr went over right at the one yard line," said Larrivee

And he says he loves the diehard Packer fans who will do anything to support their team.

Rob Koebel:  "If that means freezing your tail off?"
Wayne Larrivee: "… on, aluminum seats that's exactly it.  Like your father and fore fathers before you."
Rob Koebel: "It's part of the tradition isn't it?"
Wayne Larrivee: "Yes it is."