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Packers fans bummed after first loss of season

Packers fans bummed after first loss of season

By Nick Montes. CREATED Dec 18, 2011

WEST ALLIS - The Falks have been Packers fans for years.

After the team’s loss Sunday night the Falks are bummed.

There really isn't excitement at Willie Faulk's home. His friends and family, talking about Packer's winning streak, now over. But despite the loss, Willie sees this as a good thing.

"A loss isn't going to hurt us. It probably helps. It will just get better now," Willie says. And anytime the green and gold are on the small screen, it a special occasion at Willie's home.

Willie has been a super fans since he was kid, never missing game on tv or in person. He went the Super Bowl in 1998. Now, he's already preparing for this Christmas Day when the Packers play next.

"We have like 70, 75 people coming Christmas party. We're leaving at six o’ clock so we can all go home and watch the packers game," Willie says.

He shares the game with those closest to him, inviting neighbors and friends like, Packers twins Ron and Bob Zbleski,  to his downstairs bar to enjoy.

“It’s the comradery,” Bob says.

Even when their favorite team isn't playing, you can tell from the decor that every day is a Packers day. Willie knew it didn't look for the Packers at a minute six to go when they ran out of timeouts. “It finally happened that Rodgers the offense couldn't care us through,” Willie says.

Despite the team’s loss, Willie says they'll always be packers fans. 

“There's nothing but the green and gold,” he says.

Of course, they want to see the packers go to the Super Bowl.