Aaron Rodgers shares thoughts on Ryan Braun and possibly going 16-0

Aaron Rodgers shares thoughts on Ryan Braun and possibly going 16-0

By Lindsey Morone. CREATED Dec 12, 2011

GREEN BAY- The voice of the Packers, Wayne Larrivee and Aaron Rodgers talk about the Raiders, Ryan Braun and going 16-0 in the latest edition of TODAY'S TMJ4's exclusive interview.

WAYNE: "Biggest news from yesterday, kind of put a damper on things a little bit, Jennings goes down with a knee injury. We understand it's going to be a few weeks. Talk a little bit about that. What was your reaction when you saw it?"

AARON: "It didn't look like much. Then I had a look on his face and a little bit of pain. But I thought, "Oh maybe he just got a cramp or something." And then I realized as he was leaving the field and we made eye contact that it was probably more than a little injury so. Disappointed to hear about the injury. But next guy is going to have to step up and play well."

WAYNE: "The passing game. Okay. The weather is turning bad, it was windy yesterday a little bit on the field, we can't expect the same precision out of the passing game can we?"

AARON: "Oh, I think you can. I mean there is an expectation within our locker room that things don't have to change just because the weather does. The most difficult variable is the wind though. Yesterday it was going from my right to left, affected some of the throws both into the wind and with the wind. That's going to be the one thing we are going to look at during these games down the stretch."

WAYNE: "Everyone wants to know, let's say you beat Kansas City. You've got two games to go. Everything is wrapped up. How do you feel? Do you want to go for 16 and 0 as a player? Do you want to keep your pedal to the metal?"

AARON: "We want to be playing the right way into the playoffs knowing that we have a bye the first week. I wouldn't be worried if he decided to sit us. But I think there are probably going to be a lot of guys in the locker room that want to finish this thing out."

WAYNE: "Does a piece of you want that undefeated? Wouldn't that be something?"

AARON:  "Yeah, without a doubt."

WAYNE: On another subject, shocking news of a good friend of yours, Ryan Braun. And I think it's most unfortunate that number one this news even got out."

AARON: "I think that unfortunately in a situation like this, in the public court of opinion, you are always guilty before proven innocent, which is obviously the inverse to the regular judicial system."

WAYNE: "Is there any trepidation to this type of thing? I would think there would be because you know these tests are supposed to be confidential and somehow it gets out."

AARON: "I think there should be some form of confidentiality when it comes to this. That's probably the most disappointing thing about this case with Ryan. But as far as HD testing with the NFL I'm all for leveling the playing fields and making sure the guys are not doing anything to gain an advantage."

WAYNE: "Somebody who has nothing to hide, submits to a test what if the test is wrong? And what if word gets out?"

AARON: "No doubt about it. It takes a lifetime for you to build a reputation and a quick second for it to be washed away."