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WEAC survey shows teachers view Governor Walker in negative light

WEAC survey shows teachers view Governor Walker in negative light

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Dec 7, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 7, 2011

Attached is the survey by WEAC under related documents.

NEW BERLIN- Told to stay off the property here at Glen Park Elementary, union reps and teachers used the school as a backdrop to blast Governor Walker's claims and ads hitting the airwaves.

In a latest ad from Republicans, Jeff -- a fourth grade teacher -- shows skepticism for the governor's budget cuts, but admits the plan is working.
He says, "because of the budget plan, hundreds of teachers like me still have their jobs."
Some teachers beg to differ. Members of the Wisconsin Education Association Council unveiled the results of a survey sent to 4,000 union members and 50 school districts in southeast Wisconsin.
WEAC maintains the governor's plan is already doing damage.
"Where you might see one or two people on TV, we're saying let's look at what 4,000 from all kinds of different communities, from across the state, are saying we need to do," said WEAC spokesman Guy Costello.
Three quarters of the educators surveyed argued their districts have fewer resources this year.
Nearly 60% of those surveyed considered leaving teaching all together.
Teachers unions are concerned that great education is already suffering. 
The governor's press secretary also pointed to another survey showing the majority of schools are the same or better than they were before the measures took effect.  He also points out WEAC is actively campaigning to recall the governor.