Milwaukee DA clears three groups of recall bribery charges

Milwaukee DA clears three groups of recall bribery charges

By The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Dec 5, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 6, 2011

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee District Attorney's office says it has cleared two conservative groups and a liberal organization of potential election bribery charges.

Wisconsin Right to Life and Wisconsin Family Action Coalition had been accused of offering gift cards to volunteers who were working to get people to vote in the July recalls.

"It is my opinion that complaints of election bribery against Wisconsin Right to Life and Wisconsin Family Action Coalition lack prosecutive merit," said Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf in a letter to Judge Kevin Martins about the John Doe case.

Wisconsin Jobs Now! had been accused of giving free food and prizes at some of their events along with transportation to the polls if people cast an absentee ballot.

"I am also of the opinion that the complaint of election bribery against WJN lacks prosecutive merit," Landgraf explains.

"There was no evidence that these groups were acting in bad faith or with motives suggesting any form of corruption."

Marquette Political Science Professor John McAdams isn't sure 'right to life' violated any laws, equating the actions to a 'get out the vote' drive.

"This is slightly different, in that, it was paying people to cast absentee ballots, but not paying the voters to cast absentee ballots."

After Democrats faced similar claims and investigations for giving free food and shuttles to drop off ballots,  McAdams believes politics is a game of give and take.

"It's interesting the degree to which Democratic activists and Republican activists occupy-to a degree-the same world. They know they're adversaries but they're in absolutely the same business."