West Bend man accused of scribbling on Walker recall petitions

West Bend man accused of scribbling on Walker recall petitions

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Dec 5, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 5, 2011

WEST BEND- The Washington County District Attorney confirms that he is looking into allegations that Jeffrey Karnitz scribbled on recall petitions Sunday afternoon in West Bend.

Karnitz was booked into the Washington County jail, but was released.
From behind a closed door, Karnitz yelled at TODAY'S TMJ4, "I'm not commenting on anything."
Out of jail, and as of Monday evening, not facing charges, Karnitz says he is going to talk to a public defender about allegations made against him.
"I was just doing dishes, and I looked out the window and I saw a cop car there with two police officers," said neighbor Gina Tomaz.
Tomaz lives across the street from where signatures were being gathered in the effort to recall Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish.
Tomaz says this is the second weekend in a row the same family has had people over to sign the petitions, but she says she was surprised when she saw the cops show up.
"I saw them walk to the house across the street where they were having their recall Walker signature thing going on," Tomaz said. 
"Instead of adding his name to the list, he scribbled through names that were already there," said West  Bend recall organizer, Waring Finke.
Other neighbors who were too afraid of retaliation to go on-camera said they were having a cook-out and were gathering signatures when the 30 year-old man showed up and scribbled on two of the petitions.
Tomaz says no matter how you feel about the recall, people shouldn't act out.
"You should be able to state your own opinion and not have fear of other people trying to down that or tear up what you are trying to accomplish," Tomaz said.
The district attorney said he will make a decision this week on the case.
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