Protesters targeting Governor Walker's kids

Protesters targeting Governor Walker's kids

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Dec 2, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 2, 2011

MILWAUKEE - In the thick of the 'Recall Walker' movement, Democrats and Republicans stand divided.

Many people are taking their efforts to the Internet.

This week, Walker protester Miles Kristan--who may be best known for pouring a beer over State Representative Robin Vos--posted a series of links on Facebook.

Those links pointed to the profile pages of Walker's family members.

The Governor maintains the posts go too far, and he's warning his children to watch their backs online. "I talked to my kids this past week about this--to be cautious. It's tough enough to raise teenagers as it is," Walker told reporters Friday.

Even people in pro-Walker ads, like Kenosha teacher Kristi La Croix, are complaining about harassment.

Democrats won't comment on either case, but they maintain both sides should play fair.

"I don't think either side should be using intimidation. I think we're exercising our Wisconsin constitutional rights," explained Marlene Ott, the Vice Chair for the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.

As for scolding online tactics, democratic leaders say that just won't happen.

"The Governor won't condemn the behavior of his supporters. I won't condemn the behavior of anybody else," Ott said.