Aaron Rodgers discusses fighting with his siblings, and ninja turtles

Aaron Rodgers discusses fighting with his siblings, and ninja turtles

By Stephanie Graham . CREATED Nov 29, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov 29, 2011

GREEN BAY- It's time for our exclusive one-on-one segment with Aaron Rodgers.  This time fans get to ask the questions.  One viewer gets musical with his question, but first we see why Aaron's competitive streak started at an early age.

KIDS: "Aaron Rodgers, did you fight like this with your siblings when you were younger?  Yeah!" 

AARON:  "That's pretty creative.  Uh, yeah, I mean, we were probably a little more out of control than that.  I had two brothers, my older brother and I, a little closer in age, we had some very intense basketball, wiffle ball, roller hockey, soccer, capture the flag, you name it we played it.  It wasn't always friendly, and usually ended in one of us upset, heading inside, and mom calling us in for dinner.  My brother, he did a recent interview, and talking about his athletic dominance, so I want to set the record straight.  I blocked a shot first in 5th grade, and he called foul, which it wasn't a foul, it was clean.  Ever since then, the matchups went from semi-friendly to very hostile, and now I still block his shots!"

BRETT: "So Aaron, I was just wondering, who is your favorite Ninja Turtle, and why?"

AARON: (laughs) "Nice cigar and wine there!  I was never a big Ninja Turtles fan.  I just wasn't."


AARON: "Nope, sorry I don't have a good answer for you." 

WAYNE: "My son who's your age was a big Ninja Turtle guy--big into that!"

EMMA: "Hi Aaron, my name is Emma from Germantown, and I was wondering why you chose #12 for the Packers?  Go Pack go!"

AARON: "When I was in high school I wore #12, and then when I went to Cal, didn't have 12 anymore, it was retired.  A guy named Joe Roth had worn the number in the 70's, and he actually passed away, so I wore number 8.  When I got to Green Bay, 8 was worn by Ryan Longwell, so I had 3 or 4 options, and I decided to go back to my high school number."

JULIE AND FRIENDS: "Hi Aaron.  I know for a fact you're gonna make it to the Packer Hall of Fame, and when you retire from the Packers, I'd like to know what you think they'd name your street after?  Should it be 'Rodgers Way', 'Rodgers Pass', or 'Rodgers Drive'?"

AARON (Laughs):  "If I'm fortunate enough to get a street named after me, that would be incredible, and we'd probably have a little more success than we've had so far, but I saw recently, I don't know where it was at, but someone was talking to me about a potential street name:  The Aaron Rodgers Beltway--Championship Beltway.  So I thought that was pretty cool, so anything that has to do with a belt maybe.  Cuz a beltway is a popular road, I've seen a bunch of 'em in Texas I think, not so much here.  Something like that would be kinda cool, so maybe the Aaron Rodgers Championship Beltway.

WAYNE: "Another Super Bowl would get it done."

"Yeah, maybe."

WAYNE: "I know the mayor."

PETER (holding guitar):  Aaron, I made all these violins, cellos, and guitars, so Aaron, here's my question for you.  (singing)  "I wanna know how many more Super Bowls we can look forward to?  Cuz with Aaron at the controls there's more Super Bowls, so tell us Aaron tell us how many more Super Bowls you got up your sleeve?  oh yeah!"

WAYNE: "A little production element there."

AARON: (laughing)  "Yeah, that was impressive, I like the guitars and violins there.  I'm not exactly sure what the question was.."

WAYNE: "How many more super Bowls?"

"Well, let's just take 'em one at a time here.  We got one in the bank, and hopefully we get another one this year."

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