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Shops getting ready for small business Saturday

Shops getting ready for small business Saturday

By Nick Montes. CREATED Nov 25, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov 25, 2011

BAY VIEW- The Brass Rooster is a very unique store. They sell all kinds of men's hats and other things. The shop owner says that shoppers need to support "Small Business Saturday." But, he's not waiting for Saturday.

It's busy Friday inside The Brass Rooster in Bay View and owner John McLaughlin is counting on that holiday traffic. "I cracked my doors at 10 O'clock and had a good rush of people that came in," McLaughlin says.

Small businesses face a big challenge during the holiday season: getting a piece of holiday spending when battling big box stores and their ad budgets. That's why they're counting on the second annual "Small Business Saturday" to help stay in the black. "It's the holiday season with any small business that actually drives us through the season," McLaughlin says.

Down KK at Sparrow Collective, store owner Jessica Franzen says these next few days are crucial to keep her business going. "Holiday time really brings in about half of our revenue for the entire year."

And because nearly everything is made locally, dollars stay in Milwaukee. "Our revenue either goes to keeping the store growing and building. Or it's directly paid to the artist," Franzen says.

Back at the Brass Rooster, Kathleen O'Donnell shops for a hat with her husband. They like what they see. "It's time for these kinds of stores to come back, I think," O'Donnell says.

And retailers in Bay View expect it to be a good holiday season. For a list of small businesses in your area check your local Chamber of Commerce.