Democrats planning recall of Governor Walker beginning at midnight

Democrats planning recall of Governor Walker beginning at midnight

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Nov 14, 2011

OAK CREEK- "It's the calm before the storm, and we're hoping it's a storm!" said Democrat Party volunteer, Doris Black.

At the strike of Tuesday morning Democrats plan to register on-line to start gathering signatures to try to recall Governor Scott Walker.

Volunteers spent the day at one of the Democratic offices organizing volunteers to hit the ground tomorrow.  They'll need all the time they can get to gather 540,000 signatures.

"It's time now to move on and get those signatures, and I am very confident that those signatures will come in," said Democratic Representative, JoCasta Zamarripa.

While Democrats are confident they will get enough signatures for a recall election, Republicans argue it's all a waste of time and money.

"This is going to create a disruption and not the kind of environment where businesses want to invest or where we can get our economy moving forward," said Republican Represenative Jeff Stone.

Meanwhile some organizers plan a rally in front of the Governor's Wauwatosa house Tuesday afternoon.

"I thought it was fantastic that folks from right here in Scott Walker's own neighborhood have put up signs saying recall Walker, but have said come on over, we'll put up tables in our yard to get this recall started right," said organizer Peter Rickman.