New private NICU at Columbia St. Mary's in Milwaukee

New private NICU at Columbia St. Mary's in Milwaukee

By Melissa McCrady. CREATED Nov 14, 2011

MILWAUKEE - Newborns in Southeastern Wisconsin who need intensive care now have a place for parents to get care for them.

The region's first all-private neonatal ICU is now open at Columbia St. Mary's Hospital on Milwaukee's east side.

14 babies were removed from an open-concept NICU to private rooms two floors up at the hospital.

Desean Rembert was sound asleep despite the commotion inside the open-concept NICU as more than a dozen babies and their families shared one large room.

Desean was 1 lb., 10 oz. when he went there.

Her mother Tyaneshia had been visiting him in the 30 square-foot space.

But those babied were able to move to their own private rooms on monday.

"We are the first in Southeastern Wisconsin to do this, so we are thrilled, just thrilled," said Pat Mueller of Columbia St. Mary's.

The rooms are not only more comfortable for the families, but healthier for the babies.

"This could help to decrease the length of stay, and also facilitate growth," explained Dr. John Wolf, the NICU medical director.

"Some studies have shown that when you have the families actively involved as we expect our families to be, it really is a positive for the babies."

The babies allow more times for moms to enjoy private time with their newborns at their side.