Sheboygan mayor contests recall effort by alderman

Sheboygan mayor contests recall effort by alderman

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Nov 11, 2011

SHEBOYGAN - The recall effort against Mayor Bob Ryan is heating up. 

Late Friday afternoon, Mayor Ryan formally contested the recall effort brought against him by Alderman Kevin MatiChek.

The mayor had until Friday to offer such a challenge. Though he insisted to TODAY'S TMJ4 he would not contest the signatures, the city clerk's office says otherwise. 

Ryan reportedly has issue with the 'statement of intent,' which maintains MatiChek started the recall "to preserve the integrity of [the] Mayor's office of Sheboygan."

"I'll be deciding whether or not it's a sufficient petition or an insufficient petition, then I submit my findings to the council," explained City Clerk Sue Richards.

Meanwhile, the wheels are turning. This week, three people threw their hats into the ring, becoming candidates for mayor.

MatiChek and local teen Asher Heimermann are on the list. So is 23-year-old Zachary Williams, who found out Friday he lives just outside of the city limits.

44-year-old Mark Hermann filed his paperwork Friday. A lifetime resident with a hearing disability, the man wants to inspire others and says it's time for change.

"I'm interested in restoring a sense of discipline and morality to the mayor's office and I love my community," Hermann said.

The city clerk must decide if the recall signatures are valid by December 1st. If enough are there, the Common Council has to schedule an election date.

Meanwhile, sources tell TODAY'S TMJ4 the Sheboygan County District Attorney is looking into criminal allegations from Ryan's July drinking binge in Elkhart Lake.

Aldermen are still working with a special prosecutor to look into removing Ryan from office.