Aaron Rodgers answers questions about sushi and superheroes in "Ask Aaron"

Aaron Rodgers answers questions about sushi and superheroes in "Ask Aaron"

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Nov 8, 2011

GREEN BAY- Aaron Rodgers answers questions about sushi and what he can get done around the house in this week's version of "Ask Aaron."

ERINN: "Hi Aaron. I'm Erinn. And I was just wondering if you like sushi. And if so, what is your favorite roll?"

AARON: "I love sushi. I've been to Coco's more than once. My favorite roll is the uhh soft shell crab roll… pretty good one. Spider roll I think it's usually called."

RON: "Hey Aaron. This is Ron. My favorite super hero, the man of steel, Superman. What's yours?"

AARON: "Batman? I don't really have a favorite superhero. But I like his collection."

SEBASTIAN: "Hi Aaron Rodgers. I am Sebastian and I play video games a lot. And my favorite is Sonic. What is your favorite?"

AARON: "((Laughs)) my favorite video game of all time is probably Halo."

Wayne Larrivee then asked Aaron if he plays "Madden" football at all. Rodgers said, he used to play it as a kid. He says he used to play as the Detroit Lions a lot because of Barry Sanders.

RYAN: "Hey Aaron. It's Ryan. And I just want to know if you are handy around the house or if you ever have to call in a handy man?"

AARON: "I'd like to think that I'm kind of Mr. Fix it at times. There's a few things I can do. I've fixed some leaks in my faucet..."

KELLY: "Hi Aaron. I'm Kelly. My question is this. As the Brewer batters come up to bat they have a theme song. I'm wondering what your theme song is and why?"

AARON: "I've been saying that if there was a theme song for the way we are right now it would have to be 'One Republic - Good Life' because Mike said after the game, it's a good life."

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