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"Occupy UWM" protests results in three arrests

Photo: Lacey Crisp

"Occupy UWM" protests results in three arrests

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Nov 2, 2011

MILWAUKEE- What started out as a small protest behind the Student Union on the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus quickly turned into a march into the streets.
Two UWM students and a Journal Sentinal photographer were slapped with handcuffs when a march of solidarity for Occupy Oakland strike left the Spaights Plaza, and ended up on Oakland Avenue.

 "You need to leave the streets and get on the sidewalk, this is your one warning," police shouted through megaphones.

One protestor would not give us his name but says he knew some of the protestors might end up behind bars.

"We felt like there was that risk, and we knew that ahead of time.  The purpose is to do things without having government permits," he said.

John Mercure with Wisconsin's Afternoon News also talked to protesters at UWM.

The march is in response to Wisconsin soldier, Scott Olsen, who was injured in an Occupy protest in Oakland.

"Oakland along with Denver and other cities around the country are undergoing full frontal police assaults, not riots, but full frontal assaults against the non-violent protestors," the protestor said.

"A student walk-out here at U-W Milwaukee in solidarity with a general strike in Oakland, California based on the conditions that exist there and the police repression last week," said alumni Bryan Pfeifer, who marched with the students.

While the group of 30 consider the march a success, members of the College Republicans say they don't want that group to represent the university.

"I wouldn't go so far to say that I'm embarrassed, but really these are outliers and I think the run of the mill student  has a lot more moderate feelings on the matter," said College Republicans member Brent Johnson.

Police say the three were arrested because they would not get off the streets.  The Journal Sentinel photographer was taking pictures of the protest.  All three are now free.