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No one injured in Oak Creek Power Plant landslide

No one injured in Oak Creek Power Plant landslide

By Jay Sorgi & WTMJ News Team. CREATED Oct 31, 2011 - UPDATED: Oct 31, 2011

Click here to see live Chopper 4 video of the scene at the bluff collapse at We Energies in Oak Creek

Check out raw recorded Chopper 4 video and raw press conference's from WE Energies' Brian Manthey and Oak Creek Assistant Fire Chief Tom Rosandich in our related videos section.

MILWAUKEE - We Energies, the Coast Guard, Milwaukee Fire Department's Heavy Urban Response Team and Oak Creek Police are on the scene of a landslide at the Oak Creek Power Plant.

"We have a report of a bluff failure on the south end of our Oak Creek power plant property," said Rick White of We Energies to Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

TODAY'S TMJ4 Jay Olstad reports that emergency crews have left and the scece belongs to We Energies.

OHSA is on the scene, but trying to ensure vehicles and building in a precarious position at the moment to avoid a second collapse.

Olstad reports the Oak Creek Fire Chief told TODAY'S TMJ4 the damage is minimal at this point, but their number one is goal is make sure more things don't fall down. They want to find out why this happened and what type of environmental impact this will have.

His colleague, Brian Manthey, told TODAY'S TMJ4's Jay Olstad that temporary buildings that were set up for construction were swept away by the landslide.

Chopper 4 video shows that at least four semi-trailers looked to have been part of the landslide.

"We have two new power plant units which are on the north end of the property.  The (older) power plants were on the south end of the property," explained White.

"We can say that all of our workers, including contract workers, are accounted for," said Cathy Schulze of We Energies.

"It apparently occurred from the report we're getting on the south end of the property near a construction area where we're building a rather significant air quality control system, an addition to the older part of the power plant," said White.

According to White, We Energies staff were on sit assessing the situation, "first of all to make sure we can account for all of our folks, and contractors that may be on site, but also to stabilize the situation and make sure we can assess any damages there."

The Coast Guard told 620 WTMJ they have sent boats to assist with the situation, and they have responding to a report of three vehicles involved in a mudslide.

"It is entirely possible there are vehicles in the water," said White, though he did not initially confirm that there were.

Oak Creek Police also told 620WTMJ they were on the scene investigating the situation which reportedly happened just after 11:00 a.m. Monday.

White explained that the power plant's operation was not affected.

There were no initial reports of any injuries.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Jay Olstad is on scene today.  Check back for more details on this breaking story as they come in to us.