New poll says voters aren't enthusiastic about recall election

New poll says voters aren't enthusiastic about recall election

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Oct 27, 2011

MILWAUKEE- While Governor Walker is gearing up to fight a recall effort, it seems voters aren't as enthusiastic about the possible election.  In the latest Public Policy Polling numbers: 48% of Wisconites favor a recall while 49% are opposed to a recall.

Political scientists say there's less appetite for a recall after the summer senate recall elections.

"If you look at the trend, the bottom line is that among Wisconsinites in general opinion is moving towards Scott Walker," says Marquette Political Science Professor, John McAdams.

While more people still disapprove of Governor Walker's performance, Walker's approval rating has increased in the past few months.

According to Public Policy Polling, 43% approved of Walker's performance in May, 47% approve now.

"There's been a consistent majority of the people of Wisconsin who have opposed Scott Walker's policies from the day he took office," said Milwaukee County Democratic Chairman, Sachin Chheda.

Democrats have been racing around the state training canvassers on the laws of gathering signatures for a recall petition.

Milwaukee County Democratic Chairman Sachin Chheda says despite the polls, the recall effort is moving ahead.

"The recall is happening because people want it to happen.  It's a citizen-led effort," Chheda said.

Republican Party Chairman, Brad Courtney, said, "Despite the manufactured momentum Democrats are trying to muster, Wisconsin is choosing to stand with Governor Walker against recall efforts."

The Democratic Party will train canvassers to gather recall signatures in Milwaukee on Thursday, November 3rd.