Police tapes detail chaotic communication during mob attacks

Police tapes detail chaotic communication during mob attacks

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Oct 20, 2011

WEST ALLIS- After making several requests over the last two months, West Allis Police finally released more detailed information about what happened outside State Fair Park on August 4th.

That included police calls showing TODAY'S TMJ4 how tense and overwhelming the situation was for police.

"Be advised, I got a big fight over here, right by the big trailer park," was one radio call between West Allis PD and dispatchers on that night in August.

Other calls paint a picture about what was boiling over outside the State Fair grounds back in August.

"Anyone else available on the west end, come on down here."

Out of nowhere, crowds of black teens were running in the streets, assaulting anyone in their way, mostly white people.

Police struggled to keep up.

"I still need Schlinger covered, and one or two between Washington."
With each passing dispatch, the melee seemed to spread faster, reaching the nearby McDonald's.

"Need some people at McDonald's. Station, is anyone else available?"
After calling for mutual aid, West Allis Police arrested several people and got the crowds under control.
"Female party states she was just assaulted, I have her sitting in the lot. There's a group of black males that were walking down 85 and Washington, they're going to be heading down towards Greenfield," said West Allis Police.

"307, gimme the air, we need more squads at McDonald's now."

Police even had to shut that McDonald's down for a time to get the crowds under control.