Wisconsin GOP pushes contraception education repeal

Wisconsin GOP pushes contraception education repeal

By The Associated Press. CREATED Oct 19, 2011

MADISON- Wisconsin Republicans are defending a proposal to dismantle a state law that requires schools that offer sex education to include contraceptives in their lessons.

Sen. Mary Lazich, a New Berlin Republican, has written a bill that would lift that mandate. She told the Senate education committee Wednesday school boards deserve the flexibility to design their own sex education curriculums, even though her bill would require an emphasis on abstinence.

Rep. Tamara Grigsby, a Milwaukee Democrat who wrote the original law, told the panel Republicans are trying to kill "her baby," referring to the statutes.

She says children need all the information they can get about how to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease. She said she thought about bringing condoms to the hearing to show Republicans they're not scary.