TODAY'S TMJ4 goes inside the mind of a killer with a man who's been there

TODAY'S TMJ4 goes inside the mind of a killer with a man who's been there

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Oct 11, 2011 - UPDATED: Oct 11, 2011

MILWAUKEE - In this case, we know the "why." The suspect wanted a son with her boyfriend and was willing to kill for it. The question we're left with here is how could someone murder a woman and her unborn son?

Ruben Cruz is grieving the gruesome loss of his sister, Maritza Ramirez."You actually think that this will never happen to your family."  Ramirez was beaten with a baseball bat, strangled, bound with duct tape, and had her unborn son cut from her womb. Annette Morales-Rodriguez confessed to it all.

Steve Spingola is a retired Milwaukee Detective. He's trained in profiling and was an investigator in the Jeffrey Dahmer case. He says crimes like these are extremely rare, but when they happen, they captivate a horrified community. "She's probably narcissistic, a psychopath, doesn't think at all about the victim or the child that she's extracting from the womb."

Right now, Morales-Rodriguez is the only one who truly knows what she was thinking. The rest of us will have to wait to see how it plays out in court. What we do know is Maria Cruz, the victim's aunt, and her family are grieving the loss of two people, brutally murdered before their time. "It's devastating. I can never think of a woman doing something so crazy. No excuse for anything like that."

The victim's family questions why she agreed to go with Morales-Rodriguez ,who was a complete stranger. The suspect's boyfriend moved back to Chicago. His friends say he's too devastated to stay in Milwaukee. Morales-Rodriguez is set to appear in court on October 19th.