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Complaint: suspect killed pregnant woman and unborn son, faked pregnancy

Complaint: suspect killed pregnant woman and unborn son, faked pregnancy

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Oct 10, 2011 - UPDATED: Oct 11, 2011

MILWAUKEE - According to a criminal complaint, Annette Morales-Rodriguez wanted a son with her boyfriend and decided she would stop at nothing, even if it meant the brutal murder of a pregnant woman.

Morales-Rodriguez appeared in court for the first time Monday. She kept her head down and didn't say a word. She faces two murder charges in the gruesome slaying of Maritza Ramirez-Cruz and her unborn son, Omar.

The complaint says the nightmare started October 5th. The suspect wanted to have a son with her boyfriend, but couldn't, so she faked a pregnancy. That meant she had to find a baby. She drove up and down 13th street, looking for a pregnant woman. She didn't find one that day.

The next morning, Morales-Rodriguez continued her search down S. Chase Avenue. That's when she found Ramirez-Cruz and offered the complete stranger a ride.

Ramirez-Cruz accepted. The suspect lured her victim to her apartment. She hit her repeatedly in the head with a baseball bat, strangled her, tied her up with duct tape, and cut the baby from his mother's womb.

She dumped the mother's lifeless body in the basement. When the suspect realized the baby didn't survive, she called 911. She claimed the baby was still born. But tests showed she hadn't given birth recently, and the baby wasn't born naturally.

Police arrested Morales-Rodriguez and she told them what she did. She faces life in prison on each count. A judge set her bail at $1 million. She is due in court on October 19th.