Brewers and Cardinals have history

Brewers and Cardinals have history

By Keller Russell. CREATED Oct 9, 2011

MILWAUKEE - The history between the Brewers and Cardinals dates back decades, the rivalry deep.

Perhaps the most notable memory, the 1982 World Series.  The Cardinals won in seven games.

John Schroeder's waited 29 years for payback. Winning the NLCS would be the perfect start.

He showed up for game one at Miller Park with $30, hoping to score a ticket.

Standing room only was just fine for him.  He just wanted to see it in person.

"I've had that no good feeling ever since. I've never got a good night's sleep, I  gotta say,  in 30 years."

He hopes this year will be the year that ends.

Sunday's first game win was a good start, a 9-6 Brewers win.  It left Pam Farrell and others feeling good.

"World Series all the way!" Farrell cheered as she left Miller Park.

Adam Wagner agrees.

"These guys are primed. I think they are going to win this series and I think they are going to win the World Series. I really do."

The Brewers came from behind, scoring six runs in one inning. Making it a game highlight for those lucky enough to score a ticket.

"The fifth inning was one of the most exciting sporting events I've ever been to," said Wagner.

"It was so much fun. It was such a great atmosphere," quipped Farrell.

Those fans do expect the games in St.Lous to be a little more of a challenge.

But they are confident the Brewers can take this series knowing that if necessary, it all comes back here to Miller Park.