"Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators coming to Milwaukee

"Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators coming to Milwaukee

By Nick Montes. CREATED Oct 5, 2011

MILWAUKEE- Organizers for Occupy Milwaukee will start their rally at Zielder Park,  but continue their protest down the street at Chase Bank. They say they're tired of corporate greed.

"Banks got bailed out, we got sold out," protesters chanted in Boston.
"This is it. This is it," others chanted in LA.

Now Milwaukee will be added to the list of so-called occupy protests across the country.   

"People are just frustrated and we want to send a message to big corporations and political leaders who are not representing the interest of the people," Occupy Milwaukee organizer Khalil Coleman says.

Coleman is organizing the rally and protest here. He calls it a people's movement, as many Americans struggle with poverty, foreclosures and high unemployment.

"The struggle in America right now is in a lot of inner city communities even outside of inner city communities are being affected by what's taking place," Coleman says.

He says it's about big bank bailouts from the government and corruption inside big corporations. "If the government is not going to hold the corporations accountable then the people need too."

Dennis Walton wants something done, and that's why he's thinking about joining the protest.
"I think it's a powerful potentially, powerful movement. I'm really interested in finding out more about it," Dennis Walton, a Occupy Milwaukee supporter says.

And the rally starts here at 11 a.m., October 15th.