Ask Aaron: Aaron Rodgers answers viewers questions

Ask Aaron: Aaron Rodgers answers viewers questions

By Matt Montgomery. CREATED Oct 4, 2011 - UPDATED: Oct 5, 2011

GREEN BAY- Who is the real Aaron Rodgers? We are letting our viewers ask the questions!  The voice of the Packers, Wayne Larrivee shows him some videos our fans sent in.

ANDRE: "Hi Aaron. I'm Andre from Milwaukee. And I was wondering what is your dream car? Or what's your favorite one that you own?"

AARON: "When I was in high school I always wanted to have a BMW. A friend of mine, you know, his parents bought him one and I'm like man if I ever make it I'm going to buy a BMW M3. So it's not the biggest car, but uh, and I didn't buy it right away. I just uh last year I ended up buying a BMW. And I love it but it's in San Diego so it doesn't get a lot of use. It's not really a Wisconsin car."

SARAH:  "Hi Aaron. My name is Sarah. And I don't know that much about football. So my question is who's your favorite Brewer and why?"

AARON: "My favorite Brewer uh is Ryan Braun. He's just become a buddy of mine. Similar background, growing up on the west coast, and he's two weeks older than I am. It's just a great club house. I mean T-Plush down there. I just love their attitude. Their enthusiasm. The way they play and spend time with each other so it's been fun to watch them."

CHARLIE: "Hey Aaron. I like the Brewers. Did you play baseball as a kid?"

AARON: "Until my senior year the baseball coach was also the JV football coach when I was a sophomore and I was not recruited and I was looking for another opportunity, another challenge, so I went out and played baseball and I was our best pitcher that year and fun with it. I didn't hit that well and was more of a utility guy when they brought in this stud sophomore guy to play first base which was where I was playing at the start of the season but baseball was fun. It was just a little bit slow for me. I like the big guys I can see coming at me instead of this little white ball coming 85 miles an hour at me."

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