People flock to lakefront to see water spouts

People flock to lakefront to see water spouts

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Sep 24, 2011

MILWAUKEE - People had to postpone their fishing or sailing plans because they got a surprise, waterspouts up in the sky.

It's mother nature's show, and it's pure entertainment with plenty of sound with thunder.

And dancing too, water spouts taking center stage, and right off the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

"They look like mini-tornadoes going down to the water and then you see huge amounts of water and disturbance in the water,” Debbie Bruesewitz, who witnessed the water spouts says.

Bruesewitz witnessed seven or eight spouts. Her plans for a boat race fundraiser for the children’s' hospital postponed.

"Well just safety first. They're really just going to pay attention to that because there's about 130 boats that are going out there," Bruesewitz says.

Fishermen were also concerned about casting their rods.
"Getting the fishing pole out there and getting striked by lighting," Fisherman Mike Montoya says.

Wacky weather was all over the city, even minor flooding for drivers on
I-94 near the airport. It caused traffic to back up.

And hail coated the ground in Saint Francis. But, it was the main show that brought many out. Proof that Mother Nature's power is still awesome.

"There's no predicament to what's going to happen. That's about it. It's just amazing,” Jesse Karolewicz, who came to see the water spouts, says.



Michele Fiore

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